It’s said that a fisherman is like life and it needs luck
In Hebrew Luck is an acronym for location, time and deciding on target fish.

Professional fishing cruises with an experienced skipper who will accompany and guide various fishing methods.

Bolus – anchored fishing near coral reef with live bait such as calamari or shrimp and wait for the big fish to catch.
Jig – a fisherman anchored in the vicinity of coral reefs and lowering a fishlike figure with a weight and lifting it quickly so that its owners catch fish in their crates.
Trolling – (Jaguar) A fish-like drag or live fish from the yacht.
Location – our experienced Skipper will lead you to locations where the chances of catching fish are higher.
Time – It is recommended to take a fishing trip in the morning hours, or before sunset.
Decide on the target fish – Pyramids, Yellow Tail, Separations and Loci.
And in the season of Albacore and Blue Tuna.

The cruise is carried out with the help of an engine or sails so that alongside the fishing you can participate in lifting the sails, holding a steering wheel and more…

So what are you waiting for?

Come fishing with us – the equipment is on us, the fish are yours and the fun of all of us…

The cruises take off on a luxurious 12-meter yacht, with fishing rods and baits.
A free hot and light drink, refreshments, a pampering sunbed in the bow of the yacht.

12-volt TV for viewing videos or presentations during the cruise.

The yacht has a well-equipped living room with three bedrooms, two toilets, two internal showers and one outdoor with hot water.

Fishing trips of 3 to 11 participants including fishing equipment and baits.

1390 NIS
Cost for every additional hour 330 NIS
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