Want to know the other side of Jaffa?

On the one hand there is a fun cruise in the sea, and on the other fascinating stories of 4,000 years of the Jaffa harbor history.

The picturesque port of Jaffa is probably the oldest port in the world, and you can hear from the skipper interesting landmarks.

  • The connection of the Jaffa Port to the cedars of Lebanon, which were used by King Solomon to build the First Temple.
  • The amazing story of Jonah the prophet who tried to escape from his mission, and sail from Jaffa to Tarshish.
  • The story of the gates of Nicanor erected in the Second Temple, and their special way to Jaffa from Alexandria.
  • The Legend of Andromeda Rock.
  • The story of Jaffa oranges at the beginning of Zionism (seasonal oranges will be distributed)
  • The story of St. Peter and the beginning of Christianity as a new religion.
  • The story of the lighthouse of Jaffa and the Zakarian family, which is still in the house that belonged to Shimon the tanners.
  • All these and more are told in an interesting way, accompanied by beautiful pictures and a fun atmosphere.

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Leave the routine behind for a few hours, board the deck, free your imagination, anchor and sail with us to a fascinating harbor, with rich history…
During the cruise you can hold the rudder of the yacht and feel the open spaces on a sailboat.
Free hot and cold drinks, refreshments, a pampering sunbed in the bow.
The yacht has a fully equipped kitchen, two refrigerators, three bedrooms, two toilets, two internal showers and one outdoor with hot water, 32-inch television for viewing presentations / videos
And all you need is a sea of ​​fun…
We call it boating plus….
Cost of two hours, up to 11 participants 1,250 NIS
Every additional hour is 250 NIS
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