Looking for an original view of your next photo-shoots?
Looking for a skipper who understands photography?
A skipper, who understands a special moment when everything goes well

The object is in the correct location.
The light is exactly at an angle.
The camera is ready to pick up that split second.

If you have the desire to record all the little moments of life in a place that looks like a picturesque postcard.

You’ve come to the right place!

Soul Yacht Located in Jaffa Port, where there is a winning combination between new and old, a combination of opposites that complement one another.

Minarets of mosques, alongside churches

An ancient lighthouse painted red and white, above a modern wooden promenade.
Skeletons of great anglers who used to store crates of oranges alongside a fashionable pub.
Colorful fishing boats returning from the sea, along with sailors in rowboats.
Fishing nets with newly caught fish by real fisherman, fish restaurants.
The natural scenery, the unique place and above all the amazing atmosphere, are the things that which draw many people to make their photography events on board.

The cruise is appropriate for:

Professional photography of photographers for advertising and television purposes.
Photography workshops and video editing.
Recordings of sunset and wedding shoots.
Photo lovers whomever they are.
I invite you to fall in love with the Jaffa Port and create a beautiful photo album!
Come and upgrade your photos to real art!
Photography from angles accessible only from the deck of a yacht, with a professional and attentive skipper.

Cost of two hours sailing – 1,250 NIS

Every additional hour – 250 NIS

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