“There is something strange and unknown there is something wonderful in this city …
The seagulls on the jetty were already flying, and the sea was silent.
This is Jaffa, girl, this is Jaffa that penetrates like wine into blood…”
(From the song “This is Jaffa” – By Avi Toledano)

A morning cruise before work, a start to a wonderful day or a cruise towards the sunset.
A blue sea, open spaces on a sailboat, this is the beginning of a wonderful day for a special event.
This is exactly the time to leave the routine on the beach, board the deck, release your imagination

and go sailing not in your imagination, but on a romantic cruise with your spouse.

A professional skipper will sail you along the beautiful coast of Jaffa and Tel Aviv.
During the cruise you can enjoy the endless expanses of the sea, the fresh air and the tranquility that only the open sea can offer.
The unique skyline of Old Jaffa alongside modern Tel Aviv is in full glory.
sail the yacht yourself, in any case the pleasure is guaranteed
Cost of two hours sailing – 1,250 NIS
Every additional hour – 250 NIS
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